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Sebastian Speer


Over Sebastian

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Social Brain Lab at the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience in Amsterdam working with Dr. Valeria Gazzola and Prof Christian Keysers. In my postdoc I am studying how we learn to resolve moral conflicts using reinforcement learning models combined with neuroimaging and behavioral experiments.

I completed my PhD in Neuroeconomics at the Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus Centre for Neuroeconomics. During my PhD research focused on moral decision-making. I combined neuroimaging with machine learning methods and behavioral experiments to investigate the neuro-cognitive processes underlying moral decisions.

  • Here you can read what I consider the most important article I wrote
  • Here you can find a podcast about the latest article
  • Here you can find a general audience piece
  • And if you curious to read my dissertation, please click here

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