Dr. Janneke Jehee

Neuroscience Symposium

De Neuroscience Symposia worden wekelijks georganiseerd door het Nederlands Herseninstituut. De presentaties worden gegeven door de onderzoekers van het Instituut of door gastsprekers. De titel en de inhoud van het symposium wordt doorgaans in de week voorafgaand aan de presentatie bekend gemaakt. 

Host: Serge Dumoulin

16:00 uur – Titel: Uncertainty in perceptual decision-making
17.00 uur – Discussie en borrel

Abstract: Whether we are deciding about Covid-related restrictions, estimating a ball’s trajectory when playing tennis, or interpreting radiological images – virtually every choice we make is based on uncertain evidence. How do we infer that information is reliable when making these decisions? How does the brain represent knowledge of this uncertainty? In this talk, I will present recent neuroimaging data combined with novel analysis tools to address these questions. Our results indicate that sensory uncertainty can reliably be estimated from the human visual cortex on a trial-by-trial basis, and moreover that observers appear to rely on this uncertainty in their perceptual decision-making