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Analysis of behavioral states in neonatal mice

Onderzoeksgroep Lohmann
Uren 6 months (fulltime)
Dagelijkse begeleiding David Cabrera

Project description

In this project of the Synapse and Network Development group, led by Prof. Christian Lohmann, we study how acetylcholine modulates the activity of the developing mouse visual cortex and its correlation with different behavioral states. To address these questions, we use in vivo two-photon and widefield imaging, chemogenetics, optogenetics, as well as behavioral measurements.

Objectives and tasks

Characterization of mouse behavioral states during development is a key aspect of the project, and we are offering an internship to assist with:

a)    Analysis of mouse face videos using the Python packages DeepLabCut and/or FaceMap.

b)    Characterization of behavioral states in neonatal mice, such as active behaviors, NREM, and REM sleep, based on the face movements.

c)     Data curation of two-photon and widefield imaging recordings.

d)    A minor percentage of the effort time (maximum of 5-6 hours per week) might be allocated to shadow experiments and assist with the preparation of other experiments (e.g., brain slices, immunohistochemistry).

This internship offers you the opportunity to collaborate on a Systems Neuroscience project while improving your Python skills and becoming proficient with behavioral analysis tools like DeepLabCut, which are widely used across research fields. You will actively interact with other lab members working on the project, and you will present your results in lab meetings.


–       Interest and good knowledge of neuroscience.

–       Basic experience with Python is required. Specific resources for learning DeepLabCut will be available.

–       Fluent in English.


The internship is full-time for a minimum duration of 6 months. The starting date is flexible, preferably in February. Please note that there will be no financial support provided for this internship by the institute.


Please email your application directly to Dr. David Cabrera ( with the subject line “SND internship – [Your name]”, including the following documents:

–       A short cover letter or email explaining what interests you about the project and highlighting relevant previous experience.

–       Up-to-date CV.

–       One recommendation letter, if possible.

Evaluation of candidates will continue until the vacancy is filled. Interested candidates are also welcome to contact us for inquiries and visit us!

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Toegestane bestandstypen: pdf, doc, docx, Max. bestandsgrootte: 1 MB.
Toegestane bestandstypen: pdf, doc, docx, Max. bestandsgrootte: 1 MB.

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