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Guest Lecture: Prof. dr. Nicole Wolf medical specialist

Lessons from leukodystrophies – how important is myelin?

Datum 12 januari 2024
Locatie Amsterdam
Programma 16:00 uur – Lessons from leukodystrophies – how important is myelin?
16:45 uur – Discussie en borrel

Many leukodystrophies affect CNS myelin, either because of a primary failure of myelination or at the end of a complex cascade of different pathophysiological processes. Examples are hypomyelinating and demyelinating leukodystrophies. Clinical signs and symptoms do not always correlate with the degree of myelin involvement, and some patients have remarkably few problems. We have not yet understood why myelin is affected at all in some leukodystrophies and what determines clinical severity. We will discuss several examples of hypomyelinating leukodystrophies and metachromatic leukodystrophy, to illustrate these challenges.

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