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Mohit Dubey


Over Mohit

Mohit is a pharmacology graduate from Oxford who studied PhD Neuroscience under Prof. Marjo van der Knaap and Prof. Huib Mansvelder in Amsterdam. During his PhD, Mohit used techniques such as ion-sensitive microelectrode recording and radiotelemetry to investigate the critical role of astrocytes in maintaining ion and water homeostasis in leukodystrophy mouse models. Using these models, he identified impaired extracellular potassium ion buffering by glial syncytium resulting in epilepsy, which is observed in patients. In 2014, he received an outstanding scientific contribution award at the international astrocyte school.
Currently, Mohit is ZonMw Memorable Dementia fellow at Prof Maarten Kole’s lab, where he is investigating how myelination consolidates sub-millisecond feed-forward inhibition and synchronises brain oscillations during various brain states and memory. To answer these questions, he employs different techniques, from micro-circuit physiology to multichannel brain network LFP-EEG recordings in combination with optogenetics and pharmacology.
Recently, his research has shown that interneuron myelination is critical for theta-gamma oscillation and that demyelination can trigger microglia-mediated inflammation, which is detrimental to inhibitory synapses and memory.

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