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Ralph Hamelink


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As the “senior” technician in the Denys/Willuhn group, together with Nicole, I assist and support scientists and students in carrying out their research projects. Our group has several ongoing projects with the central goal of determining the neurobiological underpinnings of compulsive behaviour. I particularly like troubleshooting setups and tackling the challenge of designing/developing all sorts of helpful (small and large) instruments/tools/gadgets that should meet specific requirements for the different research disciplines we have in our group. I am always looking for continuous improvements and new things or technologies appearing on the horizon.


I studied at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences where I obtained my Bachelor of Applied Science degree (formerly known as Ing.) in, among other things, surgical techniques.

Hobbies: I have a broad spectrum of interests. Besides reading all sorts of scientific articles (to stay up-to-date on the latest technology), I like to go windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, skiing, play tennis, basketball, search with metal detector and DIY (in and around the house and technical maintenance of cars). There is just never a dull moment in life with so many challenges around.

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