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Cas Teurlings

PhD student

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Dear reader, 

As of 2024 I am no longer a member of the Gazzola Group nor am I a PhD student for the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. 

kind regards,

Cas Teurlings,

– old  description – 

As a PhD candidate at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, my research aims to shed light on the neurobiological mechanisms underlying social behavior.

Specifically, I am interested in exploring two main research lines. The first line of research focuses on how humans perceive, learn from, and understand the actions of others through action observation and execution, with a particular emphasis on brain regions that exhibit mirror neuron properties. The second line of research investigates how we perceive the emotions of others, with a particular focus on the insula cortex. To conduct this research, I am using an interdisciplinary range of methods including fMRI and fMRS (using 3T and 7T scanners), intracranial EEG, and behavioral paradigms.

By deepening our understanding of the neural basis of social behavior, my research has the potential to inform the development of interventions and therapies for individuals with social impairments, as well as contribute to a better understanding of human behavior and brain functioning more generally.


  • General Coordinator - Art of Neuroscience (AON)
  • - Member of ONWAR (Graduate School Neurosciences Amsterdam Rotterdam)
  • Member of Staff Association - 'Borrel Squad'

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