Swaab Groep

Chao Ma, Ai-Min Bao, Xiao-Xin Yan, Dick F Swaab Progress in Human Brain Banking in China Neuroscience Bulletin (2019) Download

Yujie He, Lot D de Witte, Chris D Schubart, Willemijn A Van Gastel, Bobby P C Koeleman, Simone de Jong, Roel A Ophoff, Elly M Hol, Marco P Boks Liprin alfa 2 gene expression is increased by cannabis use and associated with neuropsychological function European Neuropsychopharmacology (2019)

Roelfsema Groep

Matthew W Self, Timo van Kerkoerle, R. Goebel, Pieter R Roelfsema Benchmarking laminar fMRI: Neuronal spiking and synaptic activity during top-down and bottom-up processing in the different layers of cortex NeuroImage (2019)

Robert Trampel, Pierre-Louis Bazin, Kerrin Pine, Nikolaus Weiskopf In-vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of laminae in the human cortex NeuroImage (2019) Download

La Fleur Groep

M. Rijnsburger, U A Unmehopa, L. Eggels, Mireille J Serlie, S E la Fleur One-week exposure to a free-choice high-fat high-sugar diet does not disrupt blood-brain barrier permeability in fed or overnight fasted rats Nutritional Neuroscience (2019) Download

Van Someren Groep

Jeanne Leerssen, Rick Wassing, Jennifer R Ramautar, Diederick Stoffers, Oti Lakbila-Kamal, Joy Perrier, Jessica Bruijel, Jessica C Foster-Dingley, Moji Aghajani, Eus J W van Someren Increased hippocampal-prefrontal functional connectivity in insomnia Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (2019)

Mink S Schinkelshoek, Isabelle M Smolders, Claire E H M Donjacour, Wisse P van der Meijden, Erik W van Zwet, Rolf Fronczek, Gert Jan Lammers Decreased body mass index during treatment with sodium oxybate in narcolepsy type 1 Journal of Sleep Research (2019) Download

Van Someren Groep

Jacob Itzhacki, Bart H W Te Lindert, Wisse P van der Meijden, Morten L Kringelbach, Jorge Mendoza, Eus J W Van Someren Environmental light and time of day modulate subjective liking and wanting Emotion (2019)

Mays Talib, Mary J van Schooneveld, Alberta A Thiadens, Marta Fiocco, J. Wijnholds, Ralph J Florijn, Nicoline E Schalij-Delfos, Maria M van Genderen, Hein Putter, Frans P M Cremers, Gislin Dagnelie, Jacoline B Ten Brink, Caroline C W Klaver, L Ingeborgh van den Born, Carel B Hoyng, Arthur A Bergen, Camiel J F Boon CLINICAL AND GENETIC CHARACTERISTICS OF MALE PATIENTS WITH RPGR-ASSOCIATED RETINAL DYSTROPHIES Retina (2019)

K. Thierbach, P.L. Bazin, F. Gavriilidis, E. Kirilina, C. Jager, M. Morawski, S. Geyer, Nikolaus Weiskopf, N. Scherf Deep learning meets topology-preserving active contours: towards scalable quantitative histology of cortical cytoarchitecture. bioRxiv (2019) Download

De Zeeuw Groep

Michiel M Ten Brinke, H.J. Boele, C I De Zeeuw Conditioned climbing fiber responses in cerebellar cortex and nuclei Neuroscience Letters (2019)

Bart Nieuwenhuis, Richard Eva ARF6 and Rab11 as intrinsic regulators of axon regeneration Small GTPases (2019) Download

Van Someren Groep

Eus J W Van Someren, J M Oosterman, B. van Harten, R L Vogels, A A Gouw, H C Weinstein, A Poggesi, Ph Scheltens, E.J.A. Scherder Medial temporal lobe atrophy relates more strongly to sleep-wake rhythm fragmentation than to age or any other known risk. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (2019) Download

F.N. Buijs The circadian system: a regulatory feedback network of periphery and brain (2019)

Benjamin Kalloch, Jens Bode, Mikhail V. Kozlov, André Pampel, Mario Hlawitschka, Bernhard Sehm, Arno Villringer, Harald E Möller, Pierre-Louis Bazin Semi-automated generation of individual computational models of the human head and torso from MR images Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2019)

Peter M Quinn, Aat A Mulder, C Henrique Alves, Mélissa Desrosiers, Sharon I de Vries, J. Klooster, Deniz Dalkara, Abraham J Koster, Carolina R Jost, J. Wijnholds Loss of CRB2 in Müller glial cells modifies a CRB1-associated retinitis pigmentosa phenotype into a Leber congenital amaurosis phenotype Human Molecular Genetics (2019)

Keysers Groep

Emiel Cracco, Christian Keysers, Amanda Clauwaert, Marcel Brass Representing Multiple Observed Actions in the Motor System Cerebral Cortex (2019)

Swaab Groep

Shangfeng Gao, Tong Zhang, Lei Jin, Dong Liang, Guangwei Fan, Yunnong Song, Paul J Lucassen, Rutong Yu, Dick F Swaab CAPON Is a Critical Protein in Synaptic Molecular Networks in the Prefrontal Cortex of Mood Disorder Patients and Contributes to Depression-Like Behavior in a Mouse Model. Cerebral Cortex (2019)

Van Someren Groep

Marije C M Vermeulen, Kristiaan B Van der Heijden, Hanna Swaab, Eus J W Van Someren Sleep spindle characteristics and sleep architecture are associated with learning of executive functions in school-age children Journal of Sleep Research (2019) Download

Giancarlo Valente, Amanda Kaas, Elia Formisano, Rainer Goebel Optimizing fMRI experimental design for MVPA-based BCI control NeuroImage (2019) Download

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