Pieter Roelfsema PhD

Stage: Visual processing in awake behaving mice

Animal handling and training, programming, extracellular recordings and/or two-photon imaging, data analysis, possibly extended with histological techniques and microscopy.
to be determined
Senior Tutor


Vision and Cognition

Mice are an increasingly studied animal model in visual neuroscience. However, much of the data recorded from mice so far was collected from anesthetized animals. We aim to study visual processing in awake mice, while they perform a simple visual task. Stimuli will be presented on a screen, to which the animal will be trained to respond differentially with either blinking, licking, or pressing a lever. The first part of the project consists of training the mice on the task and collecting behavioral data. In the second part, physiological data will be recorded from primary visual cortex with either extracellular recording or with imaging techniques, while the animal performs its task.

The student will be involved in handling and training of the animals, collecting behavioral and physiological (extracellular recordings or imaging) data, analysis of data and writing a manuscript about the study.

If you are interested in this project, please respond by sending 1) a motivation letter, 2) your CV and 3) grades from your bachelor and/or master.