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#4 1024-channel electrophysiological recordings in macaque V1 and V4 during resting state

Onderzoeksgroep Roelfsema
Publicatiejaar 2022
Gepubliceerd in Scientific data
Auteur(s) X Chen, Aitor Morales-Gregorio, Julia Sprenger, Alexander Kleinjohann, Shashwat Sridhar, Sacha J Van Albada, Sonja Grün, P.R. Roelfsema

Co-variations in resting state activity are thought to arise from a variety of correlated inputs to neurons, such as bottom-up activity from lower areas, feedback from higher areas, recurrent processing in local circuits, and fluctuations in neuromodulatory systems. Most studies have examined resting state activity throughout the brain using MRI scans, or observed local co-variations in activity by recording from a small number of electrodes. We carried out electrophysiological recordings from over a thousand chronically implanted electrodes in the visual cortex of non-human primates, yielding a resting state dataset with unprecedentedly high channel counts and spatiotemporal resolution. Such signals could be used to observe brain waves across larger regions of cortex, offering a temporally detailed picture of brain activity. In this paper, we provide the dataset, describe the raw and processed data formats and data acquisition methods, and indicate how the data can be used to yield new insights into the ‘background’ activity that influences the processing of visual information in our brain.

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