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Accessible and reliable neurometric testing in humans using a smartphone platform

Onderzoeksgroep De Zeeuw
Publicatiejaar 2023
Gepubliceerd in Scientific Reports
Auteur(s) H J Boele, C Jung, S Sherry, L E M Roggeveen, S Dijkhuizen, J Öhman, E Abraham, A Uvarov, C P Boele, K Gultig, A Rasmussen, M F Vinueza-Veloz, J F Medina, S K E Koekkoek, C I De Zeeuw, S S-H Wang

Tests of human brain circuit function typically require fixed equipment in lab environments. We have developed a smartphone-based platform for neurometric testing. This platform, which uses AI models like computer vision, is optimized for at-home use and produces reproducible, robust results on a battery of tests, including eyeblink conditioning, prepulse inhibition of acoustic startle response, and startle habituation. This approach provides a scalable, universal resource for quantitative assays of central nervous system function.

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