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Heterogeneous encoding of temporal stimuli in the cerebellar cortex

Onderzoeksgroep De Zeeuw
Publicatiejaar 2023
Gepubliceerd in Nature Communications
Auteur(s) Chris I De Zeeuw, Julius Koppen, George G Bregman, Marit Runge, Devika Narain

Local feedforward and recurrent connectivity are rife in the frontal areas of the cerebral cortex, which gives rise to rich heterogeneous dynamics observed in such areas. Recently, similar local connectivity motifs have been discovered among Purkinje and molecular layer interneurons of the cerebellar cortex, however, task-related activity in these neurons has often been associated with relatively simple facilitation and suppression dynamics. Here, we show that the rodent cerebellar cortex supports heterogeneity in task-related neuronal activity at a scale similar to the cerebral cortex. We provide a computational model that inculcates recent anatomical insights into local microcircuit motifs to show the putative basis for such heterogeneity. We also use cell-type specific chronic viral lesions to establish the involvement of cerebellar lobules in associative learning behaviors. Functional heterogeneity in neuronal profiles may not merely be the remit of the associative cerebral cortex, similar principles may be at play in subcortical areas, even those with seemingly crystalline and homogenous cytoarchitectures like the cerebellum.

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