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Human brain mapping using co-registered fUS, fMRI and ESM during awake brain surgeries

Onderzoeksgroep De Zeeuw
Publicatiejaar 2023
Gepubliceerd in NeuroImage
Auteur(s) S Soloukey, E Collée, L Verhoef, D D Satoer, C M F Dirven, E M Bos, J W Schouten, B S Generowicz, F Mastik, C I De Zeeuw, S K E Koekkoek, A J P E Vincent, M Smits, P Kruizinga

Accurate, depth-resolved functional imaging is key in both understanding and treatment of the human brain. A new sonography-based imaging technique named functional Ultrasound (fUS) uniquely combines high sensitivity with submillimeter-subsecond spatiotemporal resolution available in large fields-of-view. In this proof-of-concept study we show that: A) fUS reveals the same eloquent regions as found by fMRI while concomitantly visualizing in-vivo microvascular morphology underlying these functional hemodynamics and B) fUS-based functional maps are confirmed by Electrocortical Stimulation Mapping (ESM), the current gold-standard in awake neurosurgical practice. This unique cross-modality experiment was performed using motor, visual and language-related functional tasks in patients undergoing awake brain tumor resection. The current work serves as an important milestone towards further maturity of fUS as well as a novel avenue to increase our understanding of hemodynamics-based functional brain imaging.

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