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Save the date: Summerschool of dreaming 3 tot 7 juni

19 maart 2024

Although dreams have fascinated humankind since the earliest ages, their rigorous, scientific study is a rather new development, and has taken on considerable momentum in recent years. Far from being a scientific curiosity, dreaming is currently being researched as a model to study consciousness, as a reflection of fundamental functions of sleep and as a way to gain better insight into sleep disorders and mental illness. By organizing a summer school on the neuroscience of dreaming, we will educate and update researchers on the progress in this field and raise awareness for the techniques used to study dreams. By bringing together renowned international experts in the fields of consciousness, psychology, neuroscience, and sleep medicine, we will create a unique opportunity for networking and in-depth exchanges in this fast-growing field. We aim to accommodate a diverse and engaged audience of 50-100 attendees, including researchers, students, and clinicians.

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