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Estimating the effects of right median nerve stimulation on memory in Alzheimer’s disease: a randomized controlled pilot study

Onderzoeksgroep Swaab
Publicatiejaar 2007
Gepubliceerd in Experimental Aging Research
Auteur(s) E.J. Scherder, P.J. Vuijk, D.F. Swaab, E.J. van Someren

The goal of the present study was to examine possible effects of right median nerve stimulation (RMNS) on memory in patients in a relatively early stage of probable Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Seventeen AD patients were randomly assigned to an experimental group (n = 8) and a control group (n = 9) and treated with RMNS and sham RMNS, respectively, for 30 min a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. Neuropsychological tests were used to assess memory processes. The results show that the various aspects of memory did not respond positively to RMNS. A study with a much longer treatment period is suggested before firm conclusions about the ineffectiveness of RMNS on memory in AD can be drawn.

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